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when yonce turns into partition > the beatles

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in case you haven’t heard this today:

  • you’re amazing
  • you’re cute
  • your smile is beautiful
  • you’re beautiful
  • you’re loved
  • you deserve to live
  • you’re strong
  • you can do this

and i am so fucking proud of you for still being here

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There are so many fruits you haven’t tasted

so many beautiful songs you have not discovered

spices you’ve never heard of 

and intriguing conversations you haven’t had 

there are oceans you have not felt 

and plants you’ve never seen

books you’ve never read

and souls your heart has not touched

this Earth is incredible.

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Listening to Britney Spears in public:


Listening to Britney Spears at home:


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photoshoots from 1998 to 2013

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